THOUGHT LOG (2016, 18 mins, HD video projection)

ROMANCE (2015, HD video, 7 mins)

MAP OF SPIRITS (2015, 5-channel new media installation for Android tablets, 7 mins each)

AUTO-SIGHT: RAW DATA SAMPLES (2014, single-screen video installation, 16m 4 sec)

TRAIN OF THOUGHT (2006, DVD, 10mins)

First notes for a project, Hsinchu, 2012 (HD Video, 5.38m)

THE IMMORTALS (2005, animation of still photographs, DVD 3.5mins)

SOME PEOPLE CALL THIS A WAR: (2005, dvd 2.5mins)

LOUNGE (2004, Mini-DV, 17.5mins) – Collaboration with Ian Hobbs & Cheryle Yin-Lo Lewers Bequest & Penrith Regional Gallery Dec 11th 2004 – Feb 4th, 2005

DOG (2004, mini-DV, 5mins) Web Access :

OST OFFIC (2004, DVD, 30sec) Segment of ARTV Project, Australian Centre for the Moving Image/SBS Television, as part of 2004: Australian Culture Now (National Gallery of Victoria/Australian Centre for the Moving Image, June 8-Sept 12

TOPS ARE EASIER THAN JEANS (2004, Hi8, 5mins) – a Proustian saga

SPECTRES OF PLACE (1995, Hi8 video, 5mins) Segment of Interventions Project, choreographer Russell Dumas. Exhibited as part of And Yet ... a collaborative project with a group of artists, co-ordinated by Dumas and shown at Artspace Sydney. Broadcast on Eat Carpet SBS Television

"THE ANSWER, MY FRIEND..." (Video 8, 27 mins. 1988) (A video produced to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of May '68.)

SHORTSIGHTED - A BRIEF MELODRAMA (1984, 35mm, Colour/Optical Sound, 43 secs.) Made in collaboration with Independent Film & Video Action & students at the Australian Film & Television School & Starring Penny Cook. World Premiere, Sydney Film Festival, 1984.

IF LOOKS COULD KILL (1983, Super 8, Black & White/Magnetic Sound, 12mins) Made in collaboration with students in Womens Studies Course, Sydney College of the Arts.

SERIOUS UNDERTAKINGS (1983,16mm, Black & White/Colour/ Optical Sound, 28mins.) Release Script published in Framework, U.K.No.24, Spring 1984; Distributors: Ronin (Australia); Centre Audiovisuel Simone de Beauvoir (France); Circles /Cinenova (UK)