Lounge (2004) 

Project by Helen Grace, Ian Hobbs and Cheryle Yin-Lo
for Penrith Regional Gallery and Lewers Bequest. 

When we were invited to enter people’s loungerooms for this community-based project, we had no idea what stories they would tell us, but as we began to talk about their domestic space, stories poured out, as if the lounge itself had generated them. Each person became a scriptwriter, each phrase a line of dialogue from a long-running series, every life as fascinating as a top-rating sit-com. In our reality TV show, we did not set people up to evict each other from the house; rather, we wanted them to live comfortably there. We did not set them up to fight amongst themselves and victimise and isolate each other for money; rather, we wanted to see how they survive and go on living in these times in this place.